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Well I've owned 3 civics, a 96 si with a b18c1 under the hood, a 91 civic all stock d15, and a 88 civic is the one I've made my project, I've got my honda on air ride first now I want a frankenstine of an engine. I'm working with a D15b2 that just got a rebuild, sent the crank in to re surfaced and balanced head tested up and down with a resurface, 40 over bore with all new pistons & rings from "Rock", new everything, stock internals for the head...... I still have the dp and don't want to switch to mp just yet, what I would like is some sugjestions on cams to install or any that could help me with building my engine.

Right now it won't pass emissons, carbon monoxide is at 67.51, it should be under 15, well I changed the injectors and it ran a lot better, the ecu code was for the o sensor so I put a new one on and its still flashing same code, after reading the book everything points to the fuel pump, I've got one from japan on its way. I had just replaced the main fuel relay as well.

I would have pics up but tmobile won't let me upload for somereson
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