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'94 DX Sedan
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Hey all,
Been here for a while but never did an introduction.
I received a '94 manual DX sedan for free from a friend with 352k on the odometer. Sat for three years, wouldn't start, had no muffler (PO hit a railroad track too fast) and a CAI.

Thanks to the wonderful help from you guys, I've learned a whole lot.

She's got a JDM d15b non-vtec, apparently the engine and trans were replaced at between 100 and 150k. I learned it wouldn't start due to a bad fuel pump, after fixing that it ran for a short time but then wouldn't start. Found out it had bad valves when doing the head gasket, and figured out a rebuilt d15b2 head I found for 75 bucks would fit just fine. Rebuild went almost without a hitch(wouldn't start after rebuild because the spark wires were in the wrong order *facepalm*).

After a number of weekends and about $700 total, I now have a decent car that I've taken from Austin to San Antonio and back twice now. :)

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