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Hey guys so I picked up a new Turbo and Manifold that I will be throwing on my car. Thought I would make a thread to share the process.

Currently my car is running the following

D16z6 w/d15b vtec head
Vitara ycp 75mm's
Eagle rods
Bisimoto 2.4 cam
680cc inectors
Running Neptune
currently has a 57 trim t3/t4 ebay hunk of shit on it accompanied by its shitpile ramhorn counterpart.
3in downpipe to a 1in bullet muffler mid car dump

I picked up this Air research 50 trim with an unknown Turbonetics compressor housing. Turbine housing is a .48 a/r

The previous owner said he called Turbonetics and they said it was a 60-1 or 60 trim comparable comp housing but I dont really believe anyone anymore. I will be calling myself.

I also got a brand new Spoolin performance log manifold. It looks to be of great quality, the welds are impressive. I have not decided if I am going to run it since I have an ebay cast laying around. I may just sell it to dampen the cost of the turbo. Any ideas from you guys would be helpful

I am hoping to max this turbo out at right around 275-300whp.

I have this vague picture to post now. When I get home later I will post some up close of the setup.
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