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Well 1st ill start with the history, wife going back too school ,im turning 31 and sold every thing lol (95coupe,93hatch,and yes my baby or 9 years 88crxsi)...
Woke up in that hell and had to get my fix back! picked up a 2000 2dr ex to just piddle with... so got a few options im looking into , trying to stay more DD but i got to have something...
1. wheels and tires .... i love the enkei RSV but they only go down two 17s and we all know there goes HP and gas milage but anyways , so 17 with H&R oe sport springs or 15s with maybe the reg H&R sport spring need to keep it soft ish for the wife and kid... any comments pics of a set up like this would be helpfull 2. exhaust... i need to hear something! HA.. but again wife and child factor..
maybe just make a 2" cat back with a nice can... gonna keep the oem header
cuz i dont want to waist money on crap and from my searchs 99-00 are not too bad .....
so lets say 1500 too 2000 bdg.(dont tell her ha)
and plz i have searched for bout a week and even went thr the gallery ha so any help would be appreciated
thanks, mouse
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