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That prelude wheel is so sick, i remember swapping it into an ED at a wrecker years ago and being disappointed when the indicator clearance was real tight. Haven't thought about it since, but modifying the boss is a great idea.
This was absolutely the case the first time I swapped this wheel in to grey car, stalk switches were crazy close and annoying. But on grey car, I didnt use the steering column covers so it actually fit even though it was very close to the stalks.

I wanted to keep the column covers in Green car, so modding the hub and fabbing a spacer was my only option. I took my time to measure and figure out how best to mod and what to use to space it out. Its a nice 1/4" gap between wheel trim and column cover now, and lots of room for stalk switches.

Also, i literally mouthed what the f*ck to my screen when you discovered the plastic plugs pushed into the flywheel bolt holes. What goes through some peoples heads hahaha.
Hahaha! So as crazy as this was to see/experience first hand, @Soul Engineering has a buddy who had a theory that kinda made sense, even though its still a pretty sketchy and dangerous practice lol.

His buddy says this might have been an old racer's trick/hack, to lower pressure plate clamping force to prevent bogging/chatter on launch.

Even though that sounds entirely plausible, the clutch felt wayyy better and never chatteted with the remaining 3 bolts reinstalled lol.
201 - 202 of 202 Posts