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1991 Honda Civic Si
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Heya, New member scrolling looking for more ZC info as I'm newish to civic ownership.
I live in the south of NZ and have a small collection of Hondas, always eyeing up more.
My first car being a 96 ce1 accord wagon lightly modified with bc racing adjustable suspension, wheels, abs removal. Currently off the road after throwing the harmonic balancer 馃様
Then added a 1991 ef3 jdm Si hatchback.
The paint, engine and gearbox are all pretty rooted but I'll get there once I fine tune some of the other issues.
And most recently added a 1991 ef sedan d15 single carb with 90 odd thousand kms on the clock!


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Welcome to another Kiwi friend! I actually do a lot with the DOHC ZC, so if you have questions, feel free to ask.
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