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'99 Civic EK1
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My name is Patxi, Im from Pamplona, Spain. I have been driving hondas for more than 10 years. My first car was a '99 EK3 that I swaped to B16, loved this car but the Bseries started giving to many problems and I gived up. Later I had a '16 FK2 Type R, amazing fast but expensive to maintain and sold it to buy a new house. I found a very mint and good price FN2 K24/20 but that car wasnt for me, so I sold it and bought another EK. I also have a '98 daily driven MB3 fastback, previously a '94 EG5 but traded looking a 4door car.

After this history of my rides, This is my actual car. A '99 Civic EK1 exCVT trans, now manual and my idea is to boost it. Pics of the day I bought it and actual look:

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