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2000 Civic Hatch
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Hi everyone, started searching the forums for information on boosting my D16y7. Picked up a 2000 civic dx hatch 5spd w/105k as a project to learn/have fun with/build. Currently finishing up replacing/upgrading all the old worn factory parts..brakes, suspension, mounts, and bushings etc. and making a solid foundation. This is going to be my first turbo build, but it’s not my first Honda, and also not my first turbo car.

I also haven’t completely decided but while starting my y7 turbo build, I also potentially plan on buying a D16y8 and building that one on the side. I’m going to search the forums and find out what some you all are running for your turbo set ups. Suggestions on if I should even buy the y8 or not, or just do a mini me swap and build off the y7 I currently have. Power goals wise 200 - 300 hp for a lighter build, 350 - 450 hp end goals on a fuller build. Sourcing parts at the moment and trying to be conscious of parts that can be interchangeable/used for both builds such as fuel system, pump, injectors, Ecu/hondata, downpipe, turbo kit, etc.

I look forward to and am grateful for the information and tips you all & this forum site has to offer.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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