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Hey everyone, Just thought I'd say hi and introduce myself. Just bought a 93 EG hatch for the grand sum of $500 off a mate at work. Cars tidy and is basically gonna be a work hack that I am gonna build into a budget track car for some classes of racing that I can do locally, basically a sub $5000 class with some limitations as to suspension and tyres.

It comes with the overly powerful D13 Carby fed engine which I am looking at replacing with a Vtec D17 (Not sure of sub type) out of a 01 Civic. I have a standalone EFI computer and ITB's off a 954 Fireblade so OBD is not gonna be an issue but was wondering if I can just bolt the engine in using the stock engine mounts? Prefer to not have anything too suspicious looking under the hood (Although ITB's may be) and keep it looking as factory as possible.

Anyway, thanks in advance!
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