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Hi I'm mike
I'm new on here! But not new to cars current project car is a 99 ek hatch I am trying to decide which direction to go with it but it won't be a straight line car I love hair pin turns and mountain pass runs and auto x I'm looking to make maybe around 300-350 whp I'm tossed up between a Rotrex unit and a quick spooling turbo that comes on around 3k. With that said my other car is a fully built 2.2l 590awhp ralliart on a twinscroll gt35. And my 2 cars before that was a fully built Gsx awd monster on a hx35/40 hybrid till I walked the crank at just above 600 hp and before that was a 450whp si Rex turbo b20/16 golden eagle sleeved fully built.

Now that that's out of the way all the parts so far that I have in my garage
Usdm d15 1.5 complete obd1
S20 and s40 b000 trans
P28 ecu
Full d16y7 complete obd2
Y8 head no valve cover
Single scroll d16 turbo manifold from a friend like 20 bucks seems to be cast
Only extra turbos I have laying around are stock evo x and ralliart
22 mm rear sway bar
Bwr subframe and rear lca
Koni yellow with ground control sleeves
Pwjdm front and rear strut tower bars
Front traction bar
Front and rear camber adjusters

Next I'm going to up grade brakes all the way around Wilwood rear big disc convertion and 6 piston front bbk

Love the Civic
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Your gunna flip 180 onto your roof with those brakes, lol.

When PRE put the BBK on the white chump car hatch they started eating people up in the corners. Once they added power it was a potent mix, light suspension mods, sick tires, and brakes.
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