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Hi there, i'm a long time viewer, but first time posting some on the forum.

I've bought a 1991 Civic ED7, which has the D16Z2 engine (just a D16A6 with some small changes)

First, at startup, everything is running ok, about 1700-1800 rpm when completely cold.
After about 30-45 seconds, the rpm starts to go down, but during idle it seems like the car doesn't get a spark/fuel for about half a second.
after that everything is ok, until about 30 seconds later when the same thing occurs again.

When driving, I sense that there is some power missing, and it doesn't pull right to the redline.
After about 5 minutes when the engine is at normal temperature, the car just stutters , and looks like it's misfiring all the time until about 3000 rpm.
above that it's on all 4 but still with the power missing.

Things i've looked at/changed:
Spark plugs (replaced)
Spark wires (Replaced)
Air Filter
Fuel filter

Thinking the problem might be somewhere in the distributor, cap, or the ignition coil.

Hope you guys can help
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