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Bought my first D series powered car as a daily driver/winter beater.

Green 98 Civic EX EJ8 D16Y8 5 speed

Almost 190k on it

Bought car 100% stock, had exhaust leak. Found it to be a cracked manifold.

So car now has a no name Ebay 4-2-1 header

Also added an Ebay Short Ram intake today.

Vtec crossover is very noticeable since I still have stock exhaust, I don't want the car loud as a daily.

Not my first honda, my first was a Black 94 Honda Prelude VTEC BB1. H22A1. Had a AEM CAI, and a fart can muffler. Loved the car. Lost 5th gear and I gave up on it and sold it. Had high mileage over 200k.

My other vehicle, my toy, is a 1992 Chevy C1500 RCSB. 350 with a 5 speed. In the process of a swapping in a carbed 350 Vortec with an LT4 hot cam. Should make about 400hp at the crank.

Future mods to the civic is possibly a twin loop muffler knock off. I want to keep it quiet but a little tone would be nice.

Way future mods, I would like to swap a D16Z6 in over the Y8 and then turbo it around 8 to 10 psi.

I want to stay D series with this car for sure. Always thought they were cool because they were underdogs.

Anyways, I'll do my best to search any questions I have before asking. I'm already researching into the most cost effective and efficient way to swap in a D16Z6.
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