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What's up everybody My project is me 2000 lx Daily with 108k on a strong n clean Y7. I have custom airbox w k an N pod filter tucked down to get colder air.(looks ghetto but it really did make that differenxe that any cold air or ram air that isnt suckin hot air.) My plan for immediate project was to purchase a Y8 head some internal goodies a vtec solenoid an my question straight accross is what else do u need to make it work with the y7 n get the benefits of vtec of course? An your opinions on a budget friendly intake manifold are very appreciated. Or any advice other than eBay where to purchase budget friendly parts an which ones get the most bang for your buck so to speak!? Plz don't be like the guys on the FB pages an tell me to k swap Not happening any time soon I have a lil money to burn an I love my single jingle.

Parts I know I'm getting
Vibrant street stainless(quieter option)
I have not made up my mind I need you OGs to bless me with some love an knowledge n advice
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