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Hello, I've currently got a D16Z6 completely torn down. So far, I have had the block just bead blasted and hot tanked. Im looking for a shop that can help me do some of the machine work locally around the area so I dont have to ship out the block or parts. Currently Im gonna just do the bottom end. No Boost, All motor, with alittle Squeeze maybe. I know what I want maybe overkill, but I just want to never have to rip out the bottom end to fix anything. Oh, Daily Driven Car. :D Thanks for your time.

Bottom End
1. Block: Bored / Honed .020 Over, Step Decked, Hot Tanked
2. Pistons: Arias 11.5 CR .020 overbore pistons
3. Rods: Eagle H-Beam Rods.
4. Crank: Stock Crank, Micropolished and Balanced
5. Water Pump: Honda Water pump
6. Oil Pump: Honda Oil Pump
7. Main Seal: Honda Main Seal
8. Bearings: Honda Bearings
9. Flywheel: ACT XACT Streetlite Flywheel
10. Bolts & Studs: ARP Bolts & Rods Throughout
11. Block Guard: Race Engineering Block Guard
12. Balance Rotating Assembly
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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