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Neuspeed don't work. What else?

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After hearing so much about the Neuspeed Strut Bars, I got my local dealer to ship one in.

After much anticipation, it finally arrived and DAMN! What do you know? It can't fit on my 4dr EG chasis. !~%[email protected]%@!#@$^%$#@^#

It can't fit coz' it hits my brake fluid reservoir. I am using the 2 layer Brake Master Cylinders. There is no way of fitting it unless change the brake cylinder back to the original single layer. I am not willing to sacrifice braking though.

Ok. I am currently using the OEM black skinny bar now. Is there any other good 1 piece 2 points strut bars on the market? or I am good keeping the OEM one. I think I wouldn't want to try those 3 point ones like the passwordjdm as well.:cussing:
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I upgraded from my stock gsr bar to my itr bar and I really like it.
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