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Been all summer...Was out of state for a while..then when we got back, the wife's Accord took a I had to replace the ole' F23. Today, she was powering the driver's window down and it fell out of the track. When she told me, I just started laughing because I had just replaced the passenger.

Anyway, it's come that time that I need to find something for transporting stuff. With that in mind, I need an 88-00 Hatch, Wagon or CRX. I've moved people out of their apartments with a rex. They hold more than people think they do.

I gave away a wagon shell a few years ago to a needy dude...kind of kicking myself for that now. It had some rust..but still would have hauled stuff. Oh well...the dude could get to work and back.

Don't really care about the body..if it's ultra shitty, I'll turn it into a rat rod. Doesn't need a motor or trans...I can do that. Just needs to be a complete shell...or close to it.

Anyone? Anyone? I'm in Detroit and will pick it up within reasonable distance.

Also, I have a '95 Civic Coupe that runs...I'd also be willing to trade it.

Let me know.

Hope you guys have all been doing well.
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