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I got an aftermarket tachometer & a shift light (2 items)

I'm only having trouble wiring the tachometer and it doesnt seem to work.

There are 5 wires coming out of the tach:

white(night lamp)------connected to--------dimmer switch(red/blk stripe)wire

orange(bat +)------connected to--------battery wire on the IGN switch (thick white wire)

red(acc)------connected to--------ACC wire on the IGN switch (white wire/black stripes)

green(IGN coil)------connected to--------diagnostic (blue) wire in front of the firewall/driver side

black(ground)------connected to--------a clean bolt


I'm sure my RED(acc), GREEN(ign coil), and black(ground) wires are good because my shift light works. But i welcome suggestions. Im stumped

I've included images of where I connected each wire. Help is appreciated


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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