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hey guys i have my 89 civic in my garage and i need help, i did the y7 bottom end swap and the y8 vtec head and i need to know how i can wire up the vtec. I cant do a newer ecu because my civic is obd0 and the wiring is way too much work, how can i wire this up?? PLEASE HELP ME!! thanks
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use a rpm activated swith, you know like the thing that sets off a shift light. you can buy them at jegs. just make sure that you don't set it too low.
yeap you can use a vtec controller as well but i think they cost a bit more. the rpm switch you can probly just buy at the local performance store. here is a link to what you need.
anytime. i know what a pain all of this electrical shit can be. good luck and let us know how it turns out. maybe even post something in the DIY section?
looks like a good deal, but look at the shipping price. and it's used. wouldn't you rather buy a new one tomorrow for $20 more and have it right then and there?
4800 rpms is stock full throttle and works pretty good for me with my mini me. 3800 is way too low.
4800 rpms
what mods do you have done? 14's is kinda hard to get to without some decent work. i'm talking all motor that is. and 14.0 not 14.9
what injector do you have? they are probly gonna hurt more than help. stock injectors are fine for your setup. also what body do you have this in, a crx? if it's a crx then yeah you styand a good chance at hitting high 14's. also what trans do you have?
$50 shipped is a good deal. let us all know how it turns out. i just did a mini me a couple months back. i have a z6 head and intake mani, short ram intake, p08 ecu and y8 trans. i ran a crappy 16.9 with allot of wheelspin. this weekend i'm going to the street races with some mount inserts and my drag radials. i'm tired of wheel spin.
tell me about it. i had allot of wheelspin. i still have stock suspension to so that probly doesn't help. even when i tried to launch at 2300 rpm i still spun allot. granted i floor the gas right after i'm done leting the clutch out but still, it was really bad time. it was something like, 16.9 at 89 mph. hopefully next time i go to the track it will be with the high compression z6 motor installed.
1 - 10 of 23 Posts
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