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Need some turbo size infor

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Long time no thread start :D

Well i need some information about this turbo.
Turbo link yes its ebay
T3/T3 Turbocharger
Compressor Specs :
6 Blade Type Compressor
Compressor Trim 45
1.672" or 42.48mm Minor
2.363" or 60.02mm Major
Compressor .42 A.R.
M24 / T3 Compressor Housing
Turbine Specs :
T3 Type Turbine
11 Blade Type
2.508 " or 67.70mm Major
1.862 " or 46.23mm Minor
Exhaust housing .48 A.R.

I am trying to find out how big is it compare to a TD04H-15G or 18g
There seem to be no information about this t3 45 trim turbo. It is an ebay turbo and i have heard that they are smaller then what they are copying but i am just trying to find some information on it for a friend.
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Been a while since ive been on here.
On the facebook page tho.

Goautoworks is very nice and they sell wstegate adapters if you use a vband one

I checked. Thanks for the advice. I found something reasonable for a little over $3k. But it is air to air and I prefer liquid. Those guys are based in Montgomery AL which is good for me. I'm a TN native of sorts. By North AL at i-65. Half a days journey
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