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Need some help on a weird swap.

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What's up all!!!

I'm new here, but definately not to Honda's. Hopefully you all will be more helpful than Honda-Tech....

I'm buying a 1998 Civic EX with a blown motor. The kid through a rod and the block is gonzo.

Basically I want to know what I'll have to do to get this thing running using my old 1.5 B2 block.... How to run the oil line for VTEC and such. I've heard I will need an adjustable cam gear due to the cam sprocket offset. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot.
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search 'mini me'
there is no oil line running to get it to work. check the Archive for "mini-me" write-ups :TU:
what oil line......?
oil plug in the non vtec oil line
So does that mean the B2 block is unable to engage VTEC because it has no port to run an oil line off of?
You don't need to run an oil line, there's an oil restrictor that needs to be pulled out of the block. If you use the searce button and put in mini-me as your search term and you'll find all the answers you need.
ls/vtec style
yeah i knew what he meant, but there isnt one to run.....

other than that..... git-r-done
you dont run and oil line like you do in a b-series. there is a pressure restrictor in the b2 block. you thread a 10mm nut into it and pull it out. and wala its ready for a vtec head. like stated above, search mini-me. there are billions of threads.

EDIT:damn you dweezil, you beat me to it.
Me FTW!!
me ftw ...
You guys effing rock. Thanks for the help.

Where is the restrictor located on the block?
You guys effing rock. Thanks for the help.

Where is the restrictor located on the block?
right here Click Me!!
dude that pic rocks, always answers my questions.....!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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