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hello, i have a d15b7 engine in a 92 civic lx if that matters, i was thinking about doing a full ls swap, but that takes a lot of time and $ whihc i do not have... then i hear about minime swaps which just involves a head swap i believe. iread around some forums and decided to go with a z6 head. but im not sure as i am fairly new to all of this stuff..... i have a few questions which hopefully u can answer.....

1. would u recommend this head swap for a daily driver?
2. how much would the whole swap cost estimated.
3. do i have to change any major internals?
4. do i have to change any other parts such as timing belt or can i keep the same belt that comes with the head and will it be ocmpatible with the d15b7 block
5. should i go purchase the head near the junkyard near me??? also what should i make sure they include with the head swap?
6. what is the situation with the ecu... witch ecu will i have 2 use??

i would grreatly Appreciate asnwers to these questions.
i thank you in advancee
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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