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I have a d15b7 and a d17a1.
I have a 92 dx hatch.
I have $2000.
I have a custom turbo kit that I can use, turbo kit is custom built for my d17a2 01 civic that I'm going to put on the 92.
I want 300-400 HP.

So how much power will the stock block of a d15b7 hold without sleeving.
How much power will the stock crank hold if it's balanced.

I can buy forged pistons and rods for $600, performance bearings for $150. KMS valve train setup for $600 and all of the other bolts and stuff get me up to about $2000. And it will hold 700 hp on the rods and 900 on the pistons. Plus valves are good to 11,000 rpm.
But will the block and crank hold up?
Is there a cam for the d15b7?
Can I use a d16's cam?
Should I mini-me the project so I can use a d16 cam?
If so which 1.6 head should I use for boost?

Also, can the d17 be used for anything?

Would it be cheaper to go with a b or h series motor? I have seen an h23a for $1850 shipped minus axles and mounts.

I'm loosing sleep over this one, so some please tell me the cheapest way to a solid 350HP.

Also, I'm looking to steer away from vtec. Any comments?

What about dohc vs sohc on boost?

I would really like to see what that little 1.5 could do!

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