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Need some help!!!!!!!!!1

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Ok so I have turbo stuff ready for my car. small 16g injectors oil lines everything. well almost. i need a tuning device. i dont under stand anything a out crome and how it works with a chipped ecu. i want hondata but its to expensive. what about an fmu would that do the trick. the main thing here is that i dont want to blow up my motor. any advice.
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where are you located at?? if your in socal i can get your ecu chipped for you and basemapped from a shop.. or you can order a chipping kit and basemap from ....

do not run a fmu.. and what 16g injectors are you running dsm blue tops??
I would go with NEPTUNE if you live in the westcoast. Alot options avalible that the other management don't have!!
Well i have heard a little about neptune but not to much. is there a web site. i am actually in albuquerque new mexico. would that shop that you know of chip my ecu if i send it to them. i do a lot of traveling from southern new mexico to northern so i dont want reliability to go down the drain and be stuck on the side of the road with a busted ass boosted honda. let me know a little bit about where i can get info on these tuning devices and chipping my ecu. thanks.
I wouldnt run a FMU those are not safe.. Spend a little extra money and have someone burn you a good basemap whether its chrome or not.. You will be sorry in end and unhappy if you just throw a FMU on there and go.
yea the fmu methods not worth the $$ youll get more power out of a good tune.
fmu is like a bad case of herpes in a turbo settup.
from what i hear neptune is nice but the price thats meant for a baller.
i use chrome-pro which has worked fine for me, and theres a free version without data logging.
theres also uberdata.
what id do if i where you is find someone to tune your ride and ask what engine management he is comfortable using.
free crome has datalogging...

anyway... im in cali.. so idk about shipping stuff around... i would search for a speedshop that does dynotuning.. and like the guy above stated.. ask what hes comfortable using
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