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well guys. has been a big help on getting my 99 civic ex boosted. i ended geting a ebay kit. and is working very nice. i actually took the car to the track and my best time on the 1/8 was 10.26 at 73mph on 205/40/17 tires. spining first and second gear. on the fourth pass burn the stock clutch. this was fun. well getting to point! i been researching on doing a vitara build on my d16y8. i spoke with my mechanic and he is trying to get me to do a B16 swap.( the entire crew is on boosted B16) he almost had me brain wash. but after think it over.

b16a2 complete swap ($1500) dont even know if is going to start.
all external (water pump oil pump bla bla bla) $1k
install $600

well over $3k and dont even know if the motor will last.

my mayor question is can i do a vitara build for about $2,500.(just the motor). with stock y8 head. and get a good 350 whp?
the bottom line is that every one and there mothers have a B16,B18<H20 swap. is just gets me sick. with the same shit every were i go.

any opinions are welcome.

thank you

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with 2500.00 you can build the bottom end , get a nice cam a p&p head job, get some slicks for your car, and you will beat a b16 swap easy.
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