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Need more opinions

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Bad Pressure Plate?

This started after driving over a huge pothole/trench. Didn't see it until I was in it so I was in gear. Fast forward a bit. Driving home last week, started getting hard to get into gear. By the time I got home, could not get into any gear. There was never any grinding, just hard to get into gear. No problems when car is off. So..., I replaced both the CM and Slave cylinders. Still no luck on going into gear. And I did a double check to see if I had any leaks. None.

I pulled the tranny last night (due to another issue), so I’ll have to simulate how far the slave was pushing the fork (old slave by the way). This first pic shows how far the fork was being pushed. Should it be pushed further as in pic 2? If so, and let’s say that there was adequate pressure to push that far, what would be another reason it would not go any further? Both the fork and release bearing looked ok. Some friends and some reading suggest the syncros. Thoughts?

Thanks all!

Also, is there a place I can take the tranny to be tested or is that possible without it being on the car?

More specific info on car and upgrades:

• 94 Civic Si (185,000 miles by me. Bought it new in 94)

• Upgraded Clutch (2 months old. Original clutch made it through 180,000+ miles. So nothing clutch related has been replaced until now.)

• B&M Short Throw


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the first problem that is always offered up to anyone with tranny problems is synchro's

i cant help you but damn...its like thats all anyone says

"i cant get into gear" ...synchros
"gears grind"....synchros
"i see dead people" ....synchros
check the clutch disc
Took the clutch out last night and the disc looked ok. So, I was looking at the pressure plate and noticed something. I don't know if this is normal or not.

Look at pics 1 and 2. Is this clip supposed to be at this angle? Or should it be straight?

Now in pics 3 and 4, there is an area of cleaner metal (in the red circles).
Apparently something has rotated.

Bad pressure plate? Would a bad release bearing cause this to happen?


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