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Hello new to the Honda scene ...

This my first civic , had it for about 5 years now , been having problems with it , hoping some one can help.

I have a honda civic Dx bought it 5 years ago, blew a piston on a friend so I bought.
I purchased d16y7 and rebuild the bottom end , new rings and all the works, did not over heat or anything so I slapped the same head, at that time I replaced the radiator and all the temperature sensors fan switch and all the works, 4 months ago I had some cashed saved and said it's time to redo the top half since I had some spear cash, took my head off and did all the works replaced my cooling system along with it, slapped after market headers, short ram intake and switch the y7 intake manifold with the y8, I just straight piped my car from header back with 2.25in. Pipe , installed a magnaflow exhaust with a 3in. Tip.

2 weeks ago it started getting hot(so it said) my fan didn't turn on so (so it said), I replaced the fan with an after market slim fan, ran it, and it still said hot but fan didn't turn on, tested the temperature with a laser temp. Hand gun my dad owns, and it didn't read hot enough for what the gauge told me, I switch the temp censors that I had just replaced,fan turns on it's all good, today my car was 3/4 to the red fan didn't turn on, I k ow auto zone cant give me 2 sets of dud censors, my dad days it could be the ecu since I've had this same problem when I first put it together, I will be cutting the thermostat out and see how it does. I need help, wanted to do a mini me swap, but want to fix this issue before I invest any more


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