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Well i got me a full ZC1 enginekit for 300$ but the prob is i want to but it in my 4th gen H/B . So here are my ideas...and maybe some of u could say what is the best way to go.
1) make new mount so it will bolt in my civic.....The only mount i have to make is the timing belt side?....could i use my 4th gen gearbox?
2) Would it be possible to just get a sohc or dohc block for a 4th gen from a junkyard and and then just rebuild it up using the ZC1 parts?

Maybe someone can help......i know the firts post will be .....just buy a 89 zc engine and it will bolt . The prob with that is there arent many DOHC engine here ant the ones that are are in cars :razz: ......and if i buy form ebay its gone cost more then 600$ and thats what i dont have..........i have seached the web for help put some say that just buy mounts but if the 86teg and 89 ZC or 1,6 blocks are the same it will cost the same to just buy a block from the jyard and the engine will be more reliable :)

P.S sorry for my bad english
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