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The story goes as this just recently got my 98 civic ex coupe running and noticed that once every couple of days if I would shift a lil slow when id get on it my check engine light would come on, then the car wouldn't go past 4k so no big deal really o and also the car idled rough because we just put a new crank and bearings not to long ago. So having plans to turbo the car in the winter I'd figure to fix those small problems and so my dad called up this shop and had this guy i think he's friends with work on it anyway the guy said he fixed the idle problem but couldn't connect to my ecu because he said it was an aftermarket one, whatever the hell that means.

So move to today my dad brings the car home and I go for a drive the idle problem is fixed even though the guy said he couldn't fix it but that's the only good news, now just about every other time I decide to open up the throttle the check engine light comes on and then I can't go past 4k until I shut the car off also they messed up my radio and now it doesn't shut off I actually have to disconnect the faceplate to turn it off.

IM extremely pissed because I got my car back in worse running condition then I had it plus the radio problem and the bent the fuck out of my hood because the dumbass rednecks dont understand that my hood isn't hydraulic and that its being held up in the back right corner.

The reason I say the hydraulic part is because you can see where the part that holds the hood slammed up and dented my hood.

If any of that made no sense sorry and the shop is called northwest performance in Bismarck North Dakota a guy named Doug worked on my car and also decided to leave it unlocked over night when its chilling outside in a questionable neighborhood.

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