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im pretty new to this ecu tuning stuff so bare with me. i have a '99 civic ex with a D16Y8, stickshift. it has CAI, Header, and Exhaust. i have a P06 converted into a P28. i have made this tune but im not sure if it will damage my engine in anyway. i need you tuners advise on my tune. i have a feeling its running too lean. but i could be wrong, i tested it out and everything seemed to be running good. i felt more pull than my stock ECU. i used CROME, if any of you would like to look over it and tell me what you think i would greatly appreciate it.

this is the Low ignition:
low cam picture by jperez9627 - Photobucket

lowfuel picture by jperez9627 - Photobucket

high Cam screenshot:
high cam picture by jperez9627 - Photobucket

high fuel:
highfuel picture by jperez9627 - Photobucket


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...... Post afr logs are they lean? How are you tuning? Just punching in numbers? Looking at high and low fuel tables tell us nothing things like offset and a lot of other setting make the numbers useless.

Your ignition table looks ok what base bin are you using? Looks like p28 to me. Did you set your distributor base timing this also makes looking at the numbers useless if base timing is off........................ Are you using a det can? Reading plugs?

This tread fails.

Posting afr logs and picks of plugs helps a bit but still not much. If it was me I would start with a p28 base. Set base timing to 16. Log afrs and listen to knock with a det can then read plugs to confirm. If you can afford dyno time it is the best way to set ignition timing. Street tuning fuel Is easy with a wide band and freelog.
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