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I have a 94 cx hatch currently d15b7 .
I am planning on doing a vitara build with this d16z6 block/head i ALREADY have want to hit 250-280 and it be reliable .
I have been doing some research on it and so far this is my parts list, I know i am missing some
and could use some help with what else i should BUY for the build or any parts thats should be changed for another brand. Ill get to the turbo stuff later just want to cover the motor build list now.

d16z6 block (bore,hone,hottank)
Stock rebuilt z6 head (would stock be fine?)
75.5 vitara pistons
RCautoworks custom length H-beam rods
ACL bearings
ARP rod bolts
ARP head stud bolts
Hastings piston rings
OEM oil pump
OEM water pump
Y8 head gasket
d16z6 crank (get checked BALANCE and get micropolished)
z6 Intake manifold

all help is appreciated

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why rod bolts when rc rods comes with them?
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