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ek coupe MT
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1996 Honda Civic DX CPE MT
here is my setup
Engine is a D16y7
Eagle H-beam Rods
Vitara Pistons
New Rod bearings
ACL Main Bearings
OEM head gasket
Walbro 225 fuel pump
OEM Timing Belt
new water pump
Crower Springs, Retainers, Valves
3-angel valve job (laskey Racing)
AEM adjustable cam gear
AEM fuel rail
ARP head studs
Edelbrock Intake Mani.
Throttle body
Zex 59300 cam
T3/t4 turbo with .63 exhaust housing
550cc injectors
Hondats S200
OEM motor Mounts
Intercooler piping
Custom Down pipe
Dump Tube
Custom manifold (so I can keep A/C) <---where can i get this??
Greddy BOV
Tial 38mm waste gate

Turbo Timer
Boost Controllerh
Necessary gauges
Oil lines
Oil restrictor
My goal is 315 to the wheels, low boost for now <--- is this possible??would i b paying over $4000 in parts??i recieved this list from a friend that found it and i was considering a B-series swap but i would rather keep my D-series!!

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Good job as a NEB know that the D is always the right way to do. You got a great list here and 315is possible. Just make sure you have a good fuel management system. One thing I would change is to go with a Z6 or y8 head because the air flow is better than the y7. Make sure you get a 2.5 or 3" exhaust. Are you going to use 75mm vitaras or 75.5. Just make sure you do your research. GL

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96 Honda Civic
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It depends if you are going to use it as a DD. Y8 long and Z6 short gears. What is your whip going to be used for?
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