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OK, so I have been looking all over the internet and theres a lot of confusion about this head. I think I have come down to it coming off of a "d16a" (no there are no numbers after it). The head does not have a vtec solenoid or a spot for one to go, it is single cam. What I am tring to learn is...

1. does anyone have this head? what block did it come from for sure.
2. what year make and model did this head come from. I want to get the right replacement parts for it.

please dont tell me its worthless or what ever. I picked it up for cheep so I can put together and rebuild some of the extra blocks I have and put some running engines into my project cars as I build the rest of them. That way if something happens and ones not drivable or I'm working on my main and I need to drive and go get something while the cars being worked on I can run out and get stuff.
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