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I've got a Z6 in a 99 ek coupe with what I assume is the stock crank pulley, and alternator but can't be sure because I'm picking up this project where someone else left off.

The alt belt was frayed so I picked up a new one at the parts store, and found that the groove for the alt belt on the crank pulley is 1 rib smaller than the groove on the alternator pulley -- the belt fits perfect on the alternator but not on the crank pulley, so I assume that this pulley is off a different motor.

The frayed belt was the same way, I assume that's why it was frayed. I can get the belt to work if there's enough tension on it but I'm not comfortable with the way it is.

The belt is 4 rib and groove on the crank pulley is 3 rib, should I get a different pulley is there a 3 rib belt I can get?

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