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Need help asap with z6 aftermarket intake manifold

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Hey everyone. So I have a 94 eg8 that I'm doing a budget build on. It has a d15 z6 mini me and I bought a skunk2 clone intake manifold. Everything was going fine until I went to but the last coolant line on. The big one, that passes coolant from the block to the head. The issue is that when I went to put the hose one the brass hose inlet came out of the manifold and is now all loose. Is there any way to fix this or am I sol? Pic is of the part im talking about.
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common problem. a quick search would tell you to tap threads in it and use a barb fitting
Sorry for sounding dumb but thread what part and a barb fitting for what? The whole brass part came out. I don't see what you said will fix it.
Perfect thanks guys again didn't want to sound dumb but my brain was fried from all day working on this car in the arizona sun.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts