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Need help asap with z6 aftermarket intake manifold

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Hey everyone. So I have a 94 eg8 that I'm doing a budget build on. It has a d15 z6 mini me and I bought a skunk2 clone intake manifold. Everything was going fine until I went to but the last coolant line on. The big one, that passes coolant from the block to the head. The issue is that when I went to put the hose one the brass hose inlet came out of the manifold and is now all loose. Is there any way to fix this or am I sol? Pic is of the part im talking about.
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Back when I did this, I used a regular barb (i.e. no 1/8 port).
Alternatively, I drilled/tapped a 1/8 NPT hole at the water neck and ran my IACV hose from this location. It ended up working out well, the coolant hose fits/runs under the distributor, above sensors, tucks nicely out of sight:
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Should be noted:
Both of these modifications were done with the parts on the bench, before assembly. Wouldn't recommend it on the car.
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