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hey guys whats up I recently blew up my zc and need a d series asap Ill take any d series as long as its healthy if anyone has one in vegas or close please tell me how much you guys want


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Hi, I still have one non-vtec OBD-2 ZC in stock. I'm a JDM importer and sell on ebay under the name rkcarguy. $400 closout, and I can ship to Vegas for around $130. Also have more coming in but prices will be slightly higher. It's a complete engine with intake and ex mani, tb, dist, and all engine mounted sensors and injectors/rail. JDM engine comes with the big intake too like the Y8. Also have a D15B-VTEC OBD-2, the one with 2 soleniods. $400 as well. [email protected]

Thanks, Ryan
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