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well.. first off i guess hello.. hah

moving right along....

i have a few questions about a NA D16 build... im not new to cars.. or to hondas.. but recently ive been thinking about doing a budget build on a non vtec d16 motor.... i suppose id like to start with the a6 as a platform but thats not really that important.. i have a z6 block and a b7 head laying around that i could technically make a a6 out of.. anyway on tothe questions

id LIKE to shoot for around 160whp ( or more if its feasable). i would LIKE to use the bisi stage 2 regrind as the cam however if anyone makes a grind simular to that for a lesser price id like to know.. i know gude,crower($$), delta etc all do regrinds... if anyone has built a motor using these guys and made good power i would appreciate some insight.

nextttt whats (approx.) the most agressive cam i can get away with using a6 springs and retainers? im not concerned with idle as the car wont be a DD but as far as i can tell you cant get TOO agressive without going the hard weld/billet core route on a cam?

ill be using 88-89 d16a1 pistons to get compression ~11:1.. ive ehard talk of using civic GX pistons to get around 13:1 but i have no idea what year the pistons are for.. theres is apparently 2 versons of the GX pistons... can anyone shed some light on this?

i appreciate all the info and sorry in advance for them loooonnnngg post haha

thanks again!! all info is appreciated


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First off start simple (KISS) Keep It Simple Stupid

I just received my Bisimoto level 2 Camshaft and Bisimoto Valvetrain both are extremely high quality products in my opinion. For me there were many other companies who make regrinds and might be cheaper but when it comes down to it go with a proven name. Cam and valvetrain is not the smartest place to go cheap on, you get what you pay for.

As for pistons you can go with P-29's or PM7's which both yeild higher compression yet sit down in the bore, if you go with these piston ask a machine shop to match the bore height to the piston. If you want GX piston you need to switch to either a d17 rod or machine down a B18A (LS) rod. GX pistons use a 21mm wristpin like a B series, all other D's use a 19mm wristpin.

Besides that start with a simple build and cover all your basics, good cam, good head, good compression, good header, and good tune. In the end you will be happy if you cover those steps.
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