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So I'm getting ready to embark on another Mini build, and wanted some input on some bhp goals. We are trying to build a street friendly hi-compression engine with around 170-180bhp. Just dropped block off at machine shop and just have cam left to pick at this point. I am leaning towards Skunk 2 or leaning more towards Crower 63442Z Stage 2 Dur @ .050” Lift: °/° RR: 1.6/1.8 Gross Lift: ”/” LSA: 109° RPM: 1000 to 7500. Will the Crower Cam get me to where I want, and be a decently smooth cam for the street?

Engine Build Specs:
-D16y8 Block being bored 20 over.
-PG6 NPR 75.5 Pistons with Scat H-Beam rods
-Brian Crower Titanium Valve Springs and retainers
-D16z6 Head
-AEM Cam Gear
-Syncrotech EX Trans with DX 3.7 Final Drive, Mfactory LSD
-Hondata S300 V3
-Our custom built skunk 2 manifold
-Skunk 2 66mm Throttle body
-Our custom built header
-2" Exhaust




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