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I'll be upfront, I'm not very interested in a mega impressive build for this car. I owned an '04 SVT Focus, and it confirmed that sport compacts aren't my thing. However, I'm an ok shade tree mechanic and I am very interested in both straight maintenance and practical mods. At this point, I'm seeing a shifter as a need (something to bring it up and back both about an inch?), plus basic upgrades in the course of maintenance. I.e. brakes. bushings, etc. other interests are slipping in an IP with tach, and eventually a nice tall VX gearbox should my stock trans go out for some odd reason.

I'm a trucker and live 100 mostly freeway miles from work, so it was either something cheap and efficient like this...or a highway pull monster. I park at work for a few weeks and drive home, so my annual mileage is stupid low and a big performer is a bit of a moot point.

Hope I can learn lots!

Below are some pictures of my car. It's clean for its 169k miles, 100% stock

Just got a '97 DX Tudor.

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