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Hi again!, after the problems with the ilding and so, I have a new one. I explain:

The motor I have now is the D16Y8, with my (D15Z6) distributor and vtec solenoid, stock P28 ECU and Apexi.

The Y8 should kick vtec at 5800rpm right? but if I set the vtec at 6000rpm for example, why my vtec is kicking at 5100rpm (when apexi shows VTEC ON)???? this is crazy. Is ignoring both te engine and the apexi. Is this because of the distrib or the solenoid?

Sometimes I got the check engine with error 21 (vtec solenoid), I revised all wiring ect and its right. Are not compatible D15Z6 and D16Y8 solenoids? (boths ODB2)

Can an advanced distributor modify the vtec kick?
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