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hmm how did you manage that one
no clue. it happend on the highway. i wasnt beating on it or anything. i was cruising at like 70 and i heard a little thud. the car kinda slowed down but i thought it was a pothole so i spooled up a little and i heard the thud again. by the time i got home it was knockin like crazy.

why to dent your hood in the end!

howd you throw the bearing?
i was pissed. the car was giving be trouble for a while. the isb went on the tranny. when i changed it the clutch fork came look and i didnt realize so i had to redo the entire thing. the oil seal on the turbo went. and then it caught on fire a couple days before (tuesday.) i just got it running (friday). saturday night i was driving it home and that shit happend. i worked on it the next morning getting the downpipe off an the oil pan off. as soon as i saw it i gave up and bolted the girdle back up. the crank was bad. i just wanted to get even with the block :shoot:

you got to stop doing drugs
your mommy has to stop coming by with them :hammer:
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