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Evening all, yesterday (29.03.17) I picked up my first proper project! Working as a smart meter installer I get to have a nose in people's gardens, this is how I stumbled upon my little gem. Tucked in the corner looking sad and lonely I needed to bring her back to life.

Its Been off the road for over 5 years but With a jump pack she started first time!

As it stands:
1.4 GL
Auto - all working fine
Arches okay but rear quarter sills need sorting.
All electrics working except passenger window.
Everything orignal even the wheel trims :D

Towed her home and now tucked away for the night!


After deciding what I've wanted to do with it over the previous month I've decided to go down the route of a d16z6 turbo instead of a common b.

So today off came the front end, along with the radiator, throttle cables and loom.

Wheels off and now on axel stands.
Got a bit side tracked and decided to quickly fit the stereo.

All tucked away for tonight to hopefully get engine and gearbox out tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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