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hey guys, it's been a while since I've been here seeing that I sold my honda a few years ago but I found a motor in my shed and plan on building it and finding a shell to drop it into.

to start off it's a y7/z6 mini me.

z6 head
Crower stage 2 cam
Crower valve springs
.5mm over size valves
I already own an adjustable cam gear

y7 bottom
Eagle H-beam rods
Vitara pistons
all new bearings/gaskets/everything

skunk2 intake mani
1000cc injectors (over kill I know)
maybe spray?
bored out throttle body
walbro 255 fuel pump
High flow fuel rail

cast log mani
water meth injection
not sure on turbo yet but probably t3/t4 .60 ar

More then likely things will change, any constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated. My goal is ~350-400bhp, But I guess I'll just have to wait and see. I don't plan on it being done in a week it's just something that I'm actually going to start in the spring but how does it sound?

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