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my journey to a 12 second D16z6.

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its a 95 Civic EX. I bought the car december of 2012 for $900 form a friend cause she didnt want to maintain it anymore. it had an estimated 250k on it and had a busted radiator, bent radiator support (it was touching the header), and half a bumper on it. the next day after i got it i straightened the radiator support, replaced the radiator, and bumper for $100. the owner prior to her did some work to the car including Skunk2 shocks, springs, intake manni, front and rear sway bar, DC headers, 2.5" piping, Ractive muffler, enkei 17" rims, Aem intake, NGK Plug Wires, and slotted rotors.
Since then i replaced the Bad S2 shocks with Koni RED, and Eibach Pro Kit springs, 16" Wheels, Slotted and Drilled rotors, new rack & pinion, Twin Loop Exhaust, im sure there is more im not thinking of.

10 Months Later i Spun the bearings on Rod 1. so i got the car home and started to tear it down. it was one of the dirtiest motors ive ever worked on. Oil and dirt was caked everywhere. thats when i decided im not just going to go back with stock parts, i am gonna build it to handle power. So here we go!

The Parts List
d16z6 Block .020 bore
Eagle H-beam rods
Supertech Pistons 8.5:1 75.5mm
Polished Crank
ALC Race Berings
ARP Head Studs
MLS head gasket
OEM oil Pump (ported)
Gates Water Pump
Skunk2 Cam Gear
JDM Turbo
780cc Precession Injectors
Competition Clutch Stage 2
Competition Clutch Lightweight flywheel 11lbs
Hondata s300

P.S. im posting in engine Building so if i screw up or miss something then it can be caught.
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Day after i picked it up.

After i Degreased the motor

Plastidiped it

Motors out

Cleaning Parts

Painted Valve Cover

The Bad Berings
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Cool! Show pics of the oil pump port please. Valve cover in the bathroom was cracking me up.:biggrin:
nice job so far looking good
Yep i think that clutch is done haha. is the stage 2 clutch enough for what you planning on pushing?
There web sight says stage 2 is 80% increase (thats about 221hp), and the stage 3 is 150% increase (about 307hp). so the stage 2 will be pushing the limit's. but the stage 3 would be my safe bet. i'm just going out on a lim saying that they probably under rate there clutches a little.
very nice! Going through the same process on an a6. Was only going to replace the HG but since I have the head off I might as well port it, then since the cam is out might as well replace that, bought a z6 intake . . . now its a full-blown cleanup/build :)
Love the red dip, I'm planning on doing the same to my EJ1.

nice to actually see it on my exact car type!
Nice looking build dude, how was the plastidip to do
Cool so far!! Dang wish I had more time 4 mine.
the plastidip is easy, i do it all the time. i've got every color they make.
got any questions about it hit me up.

here is a picture of the wheels i dipped Anthracite with a red lip.
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1 - 20 of 54 Posts
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