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Hey whats up. It's been a while since I have been on. I am finally posting my build log.

0.035 off head, p&p,3 angle valve job,back cut oem valves, stage2 bisi billet cam, bisi springs, and bisi cam gear. 0.010 off block, stock internals with all new oem bearings, fresh hone and new rings. Gasket kit and all the little crap. Sitting in a 1993 Del Sol SI. I need new picks as I have a wrapped ebay header and a few small things...Ok here it goes

Still need to get a better tune....just street on achipped p28....dyno tune soon. First true SOHC build as I come from the motorcycle building world. I also have alot of minor details to work out but has been a blast so far. Compression is 210/208/207/212. Does that sound right for an estimated 10.5:1? Thanks for looking.
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