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My Introduction / EF D16Z6 swap

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What’s up everybody, this is Jguzman here. Wanted to start by saying I’m based in LA California and I’m here since my little bro got his first car and it just so happened to be my dream car. He purchased a 1991 Honda Civic Ef/DX hatchback. Basically he drove this thing around for a while and as of recently I think what happened is the clutch disc got covered in oil because after an alignment on the way home the car just stopped driving. Went into gear but wouldn’t drive forward or backward. Previous to the malfunction I pulled an engine off of a ‘95 civic sedan and transmission to go with it. Engine was built stock per brothers request and we have now the original motor and trans pulled. Engine bay is about to be gutted and painted the color of choice, champion white, then engine and trans is going back in then the last headache will be the configuration of electrical and hydro conversion for the transmission. Photos to come.

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Also all rebuilding done by me and the little bro, new piston rings new main and rod bearings, new oil pan and valve cover gaskets, new plugs new head gasket new seals all that good stuff.

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Looks good, welcome to the site!
Thanks, engine bay was just gutted for the paint job. Pics to come!

Welcome, looks like a fun project!
It’s a good first for me and him both. Stay tuned!
here’s how we’re looking guys. Engine bay painted, engine in, transmission is getting cleaned rn and wiring is done. Got the rywire harness to make life easier. We found the timing belt tensioner was stripped, did the time-sert kit at home, and must’ve made the hole too big because it failed so spent $100 on the time sert kit, then had to pay another $100 to have a shop put the largest time sert I’ve ever seen into that thing. I will never have a problem with it again I’ll tell ya what. Valves adjusted by me and the bro since the valve seats were re cut. Now just to button it all up! More pics to come, still need the ECU and to convert the cable to hydro for tranny but I think the hardest parts are over. Fingers crossed. Stay tuned
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Any tips for tucking the headlight cables?
So it’s been a minute since I checked in. Engine is in! Had to swap transmissions since the z6 one didn’t bolt right up. I found an si cable tranny for D series and slapped a fresh clutch on. All hoses and rywire harness installed and motor has been started twice. Already feels like the rings have seated but I may be just hopeful lol. No leaks, oil or coolant and the thing sounds beautiful. Enjoy. Next up is wire tuck and rebuilding the headlight bezels and front end after paint.


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Haven’t gotten any replies so kinda forgot about this but I will update with some more pics and info about the build. It’s coming along!
All these clean engine bays and painted motors makes me feel guilty about my "shoddy" work. Looks awesome!
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