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yeah not in perfect condition.

91 STD Civic
DOHC ZC engine
EX sedan front brakes
been through 4 trannys( on #4 now) HF,SI,HF,SI (in that order)
Delsol dual core half rad
projector headlights(whitch im not a huge fan of)
generic fogs
MK3 jetta lip
1 racing seat(free)
OEM GSR shifter(dual bend, short throw)
Integra Console
white gauges(to cover up HF clusters 5000rpm redline)
gutted rear interior
Oil catch can
cheap-o(old too) headers
as of right now 3" full custom catback with magnaflow muffler(its going on my CRX)
Fusion HRI tires on CRX SI wheels(have Fat fives also)
HKS head gasket
had a chipped PR4 runnign turbo edit, sold it so now a PG7 in in it.

newer pics

(some older ones, new ice box intake is now installed)


more pics here
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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