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Finally had a nice day to visit the track AND use the GoPro. Thursday evenings are test-and-tune night, and anything and everything are welcome to come and have fun for $7 PP. Though I had hoped that the temps would be lower, it was nearly 80 degrees outside and the trip from work to the track was 30 minutes. So there are so NO cool down time at all. Yet, after 7 passes you can definitely tell heat-soak was getting the best of the 350's performance. Passes were nearly a half second longer after the 7th pass.

All passes were made with the rear tires (Dunlop Sport Maxx GTs) at 40 psi, rear dampers (BCRs) set to 6, SRI, stock exhaust, and VSC & T/C still on. Decked out in full DD'ing trim and half a tank of fuel.


First past was the fastest pass @ 8.9:

Second pass was ok @ 9.0 :
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