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Here's a pic of my 96 DX hatch...

Pretty plain, but I want to keep it as stock looking as possible. Alot of people ask if the wheels came from the factory, and that's why I chose em, just to blend in.

Current mods:
- ported Z6 intake manifold
- AEM CAI (a DX model, modified to work with the Z6 intake)
- ported head (opened up ports and bowls, unshrouded valves, chamber cleanup, milled 0.020")
- Delta272 cam
- OBX cam gear
- stock A/C and pulleys
- Ractive twin-loop muffler (2" inlet, 3" outlet)
- Eibach Pro-kit springs
- no-name strut bars
- front subframe h-brace
- 15x7 OZ Volcano wheels
- Yokohama ES100 (195/50VR15)

With the current mods, it dynoes at ~116whp, 100tq.

Parts about to be installed:
- 98 Integra GSR brakes all round
- 99 Si master cylinder
- GSR TB (60mm)
- Civic type-R rear sway bar w/Beaks reinforcements
- Prothane engine torque mounts

Future mods:
- Hondata or AEM EMS
- AEM C2DI and coil-on-plug setup
- front sway bar
- Flowmaster muffler
- stock airbox (quieter)

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The motor is nothing to look at... Just the DC header and an AEM CAI (soon to be replaced with a stock EX/SI airbox with some mods (quieter). Everything else would pass any visual...

I recently kept up with a new Mini Cooper S in a street light drag. So I guess I'm currently around 15.5 in the 1/4...
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