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whats up guys, Here is my Z6 Vitara build just looking for some feedback/Tips or things you guys did different. Looking make somewhere in the high 400 hp.

76mm D16Z6 block.
Stock sleeves
balanced rods/pistons/crank.
Micro-polished Z6 crank
76mm Vitara pistons
.003" Piston to wall clearance
P2P0 Custom Length Rods
ARP 2000 Rod bolts
ARP Headstuds
Ported/shimmed Z6 oil pump
Acl race main bearings(.002" clearance on all 5)
Acl race Rod bearings (.0015" clearance on all 4)

D16Z6 Head
Ported and polished
Crower Springs
59300 comp cam
Aem tru time cam gear
ported and polished y8 intake manifold
matched TB
Catch Can

Precision 5831 turbo
Top mount manifold
Tial wastegate
Tial blow off
1000cc bosh injectors
Treadstone intercooler
eddlebrock fuel rail
Aem wideband
Aem fuel pressure regulator
Hondata 4 Bar map
Mac boost controller

I just need a head gasket,main seals,water pump and OBX LSD. I'm also running a ACT clutch,MSD blaster coil,Ngk spark plug wires.

what do you guys think? Is my high 400hp goal possible with this setup? Are my clearances acceptable, mostly worried about the main clearance since .002" is the service limit. What kind of clearances did you guys run on your bearings and piston to wall? mine p2w is set at .003". Any feedback would be really appreciated



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